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Help! Im Getting Married. Where do I Start?

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Congrats Your Getting Married! Now what? Learn how to plan your wedding the simple way.

Welcome to i-design Events. My name is Ramonda Harris. I am a Event Planner Located in Saint Louis. My goal is to simplify Event Planning, by creating structure to my clients vision, that they may have a smooth transition into their big day. Learn four simple steps into heading towards your Big Event!

Write the Plan

“A vision written, is a plan established. Write the Vision and make it plain”

Every event seems to be overwhelming to any person, when the direction is unclear. Researching images, and ideas, is a great way to get the wheels turning. When you begin your research we suggest making a Pinterest Board, and pinning your ideas to one board. All your pins can be easily managed and organized into folders.


Gathering ideas from others is a start, but we understand that making things personal is what can really transform your event into your vision. Think of precious moments that stood out to you and your fiancée ( first dates, first kiss, etc.), and incorporate these precious moments throughout your event. We have also found that adding the special moments of relatives into events, helps make the big day, special for the guests.

Book the Venue

“Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.”

Booking a Venue can be overwhelming, but if you make a decision based off the process of elimination, you will ensure a smooth choice. Write a list of potential venues in your local area, by searching the web for local venues. Look for appealing venues, that fit you and your fiancée's taste. From there its all about calling around checking for pricing and availability, that will fit your needs.

Get a Wedding Planner

To keep up with all things concerning your wedding, it is always a good idea to hire help. I-Design Events provides Services that can make the planning process that much easier. Contact us today, or view our services online, by clicking the link below:

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