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Plan your 2020 event

Create an amazing event this year. Learn 5 simple steps to planning your event below.

So it's time to plan your big event for 2020, and your unsure where to begin. Good news,you have come to the right place. In this blog we will discuss 5 major steps to planning any event.

“The most important part of hosting any event, is planning the event.”

Here are 5 topics to address in order to plan out your event:

What's the Purpose For your Event?

It's not about what you do, but why you do it! We must fine tune the purpose of why we are creating the event, and center the entire planning and execution of the event around that one concept. Why are you planning this event? Could it be to express love (weddings), celebrate life (baby showers), or maybe its to give honor to a cause ( awareness event). Finding your purpose for this event will guide you on how to plan the event.

Who is this Event For?

This may seem like the last thing you should address, but knowing the crowd of who will be attending will be useful in planning. By knowing your audience, you can get creative with the decorations and activities.

What is the Time and Date of your Event?

Planning an Event is all about order and structure. Therefore knowing the Date and Time of your event before planning the details, will help with setting a goal on when to complete all tasks.


Its really important to think about all the components needed to deliver an amazing event. All great events started with a well thought-out plan. Write a list of what you desire, and create a blueprint of what you will be able to afford based on the budget you have set for your event.


Lastly, you want to do your research about vendors that can host your event. Finding the proper vendor includes, date & time availability, space for the amount of guest, and special amenities to fit the design for your event.

Though this is a short list of 5 major things to consider when planning your event, it can become overwhelming. Especially when you have this idea in your head, but actually bringing that story to life and making it beautiful becomes a struggle.

No worries, here at i-Design Events, our process is simple. We will be more than happy to “Tell Your Story Beautifully”.

For more details on our Event Planning Services, click here.

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